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Knockout binding

Explanation on the managed repositories list/edit/add screen.

Javascript Beans

First you must map the json response on a Javascript bean (a bit borying task :-) )

Java class with fields

public class ManagedRepository
  //private String id;

  //private String name;


mapping function (to map the json result to your javascript beans)

    var mappedManagedRepositories = $.map(data.managedRepository, function(item) {
      return mapManagedRepository(item);
    return mappedManagedRepositories;
    if (data==null){
      return null;
    return new ManagedRepository(,,data.layout,data.indexDirectory,data.location,data.snapshots,data.releases,

NOTE to have access to field values you must now

View Model

First you must insert your template in the #main-content div

// it's a jquery template as we do some i18n transformations

You can now create your view model.

  //field which will receive values
  // method which will edit an entry: an other view model is created
    var viewModel = new ManagedRepositoryViewModel(managedRepository,true,self);
    ko.applyBindings(viewModel,$("#main-content #managed-repository-edit").get(0));
  // method which will delete an entry

Grid binding

The ManagedRepositoriesViewModel is used as it with a custom grid binding (knockout has a feature to create own binding so we use one called simpleGrid which will display grids.

Grid view initialisation code (some details omitted) :

    var managedRepositoriesViewModel = new ManagedRepositoriesViewModel();

    $.ajax("restServices/archivaServices/managedRepositoriesService/getManagedRepositories", {
        type: "GET",
        dataType: 'json',
        success: function(data) {
          // data mapping json -> javascript
          // we define here our grid view model for fields only displayed
          managedRepositoriesViewModel.gridViewModel = new ko.simpleGrid.viewModel({
            data: managedRepositoriesViewModel.managedRepositories,
            columns: [
                headerText: $.i18n.prop('identifier'),
                rowText: "id"
                headerText: $.i18n.prop('name'),
                rowText: "name"
              headerText: $.i18n.prop('type'),
              rowText: "getTypeLabel",
              // FIXME i18n
              title: "Repository type (default is Maven 2)"
            // max items per size, the binding has a pagination feature
            pageSize: 5,
            // we can define here a callback function which be called on all grid change (adding/updating/removing values from the array)
            gridUpdateCallBack: function(){
              $("#main-content #managed-repositories-table [title]").tooltip();
          // apply the binding on the specified node
          ko.applyBindings(managedRepositoriesViewModel,$("#main-content #managed-repositories-table").get(0));

View definition

Binding definition

We have applyed binding on the node with id "#managed-repositories-table". The binding definition is:

  <table class="bordered-table zebra-striped" id="managed-repositories-table"
         data-bind="simpleGrid: gridViewModel,simpleGridTemplate:'ko_managed-repositoriesGrid',pageLinksId:'managed-repositoriesPagination',data:'managedRepositories'">
  • simpleGrid: gridViewModel = field name for the view model (see sample above)
  • simpleGridTemplate:'ko_managed-repositoriesGrid' = name of the template to use (see below)
  • pageLinksId:'managed-repositoriesPagination' = name of the template to use for pagination.
  • data:'managedRepositories' = fields which contains data to pass to pass to the template

Template content

Template used for grid display (some details omitted).

<script id='ko_managed-repositoriesGrid' type='text/x-jquery-tmpl'>
        // display read only fields defined in ko.simpleGrid.viewModel.columns (see above)
        {{each(i, columnDefinition) columns}}
          <th title="${ columnDefinition.title }">${ columnDefinition.headerText }</th>
        // custom columns
      {{each(i, row) itemsOnCurrentPage()}}
            // display read only fields defined in ko.simpleGrid.viewModel.columns (see above)
            {{each(j, columnDefinition) columns}}
              <td>${ typeof columnDefinition.rowText == 'function' ? columnDefinition.rowText(row) : row[columnDefinition.rowText] }</td>
            // custom columns which images depending on a value
            {{if row.releases() == true}}
              <img src="images/weather-clear.png" title="${$.i18n.prop('release.included')}"/>
              <img src="images/dialog-error.png" title="${$.i18n.prop('release.notincluded')}"/>
            // custom columns with binding mapped to ManagedRepositoriesViewModel methods
            <td><a href="#" data-bind="click: function(){ editManagedRepository(row) }">${$.i18n.prop('edit')}</a></td>
              <a href="#" data-bind="click: function(){ removeManagedRepository(row) }">
                <img src="images/edit-cut.png" title="${$.i18n.prop('delete')}"/>