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How We Do Things

Below are the conventions we follow in Archiva.

Continuous Integration

We use the Jenkins Apache instance for building Archiva (and redback dependencies) on scm changes.

See the tab with various builds: Archiva tab

You can test fresh builds with downloading from this Jenkins job archiva-master-build/:

Code Style

There isn't any code style that needs to be followed as long as it is consistent, can be checked in checkstyle, can be formatted in Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans. And the following rules must be followed:

  1. Use spaces, not tabs
    • 4 spaces for Java
    • 2 spaces for XML
  2. 120 column wrap, not 80
  3. Wrap on spaces, not on '.' in a method call

    You can use the existing codestyle files:


It has been established in the community that the following style would be followed for the versioning of releases:

Milestones -> Final -> Patch releases (e.g. 1.1-M1, 1.1-M2, 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 )

As much as possible, the team is aiming for frequent releases. If the roadmap for the current development version is big, milestone releases can be applied until the final release. But if the roadmap is composed of just a small number of issues, we could proceed immediately to preparing a release candidate and push it out as the final release once it passes the vote.