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i18n management

The js library jquery-i18n-properties is used for i18n.

On application loading, i18n properties are loaded by calling a REST services with the browser lang or with the requested language specified by the request parameter : ?request_lang=en.

This service will load properties in this order:

  • redback properties in en then in specified language
  • archiva properties (from org/apache/archiva/i18n/ in en then in specified language

Javascript method

Simple i18n value without any value

Javascript code :
$.i18n.prop("save")  will return the value for key save

You can pass some values too (sample for property managedrepository.deleted=Managed Repository " {0} " deleted. )

Javascript code :
if is "foo"
response will be Managed Repository " foo " deleted.

Missing properties

In case of missing property, the key is returned.