RSS Feeds

There are two types of rss feeds in Archiva: new artifacts in repo feed and new versions of artifact feed.

New Artifacts In Repository

For versions 1.1 and 1.1.1, the default url for this feed is http://[hostname]:[port]/archiva/rss/rss_feeds?repoId=[repositoryId]. But since version 1.1.2, this has been changed to http://[hostname]:[port]/archiva/feeds/[repositoryId]. Since version 2.0.0 feed changed changed to http://[hostname]:[port]/feeds/[repositoryId].

There are two ways to subscribe to this feed:

1. By copying the default url specified above and adding this to your feed reader. Just make sure to replace the hostname, port and repositoryId. The repositoryId is the id of the Archiva repo which you want to monitor.

2. Via the feed icon in the Repositories page. Right click on the feed icon of the repository configuration and copy the link. Then add this link to your feed reader.

New Versions of an Artifact

The default url for this feed for versions 1.1 and 1.1.1 is http://[hostname]:[port]/archiva/rss/rss_feeds?groupId=[groupId]&artifactId=[artifactId] but was changed to http://[hostname]:[port]/archiva/feeds/[groupId]/[artifactId] since version 1.1.2 for consistency purposes. Since version 2.0.0 feed changed changed to http://[hostname]:[port]/feeds/[groupId]/[artifactId]

You could subscribe to the feed the same way as specified in the New Artifacts In Repository section except that in #1, you need to specify the groupId and artifactId instead of the repositoryId. And in #2, you need to go to the Browse section. The rss feed icon is located in the artifactId level.


The authentication method used for the rss feeds is Http Basic Authentication. If your reader supports this, you would be prompted for a username and password when you subscribe to the feed. Supply your Archiva account credentials for this. Take note that only users with an Observer role for the specific repository would be able to subscribe to this feed.

If the 'guest' account is enabled for the repository, you would no longer be asked for the username and password when you subscribe to the feed.