Repository APIs

The repository APIs are the means for accessing metadata from any type of repository.

Note: currently, only metadata retrieval is available. As more of the application moves to this base, artifact content may be read using a stream, for example.

Metadata Resolver

A repository request works in the following sequence:

  1. the user requests a project's metadata using a MetadataResolver
  2. the resolvers are chained together to locate the source of the metadata, and to determine where the most up to date copy is. Included by default are the metadata repository and repository storage
  3. the metadata is retrieved, and if not up to date in the metadata repository it is stored there
  4. the metadata is returned to the requester

Storage Resolver

Currently storage only supports obtaining information as well. In the future, the ability to modify the storage will be made available for plugins such as purging, etc.

More information can be found in the storage metadata resolver class.