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Extending Redback Authentication

In order to accomodate the many authentication security services used in various applications, it is possible to to implement pluggable authentication providers in the Redback security system.


  • redback-authentication-api must be implemented
    • create an authentication implementation project under redback-authentication-providers
    • org.apache.archiva.redback.authentication.Authenticator must be implemented
  • redback-users-api must be implemented
    • create a user provider implementation project under redback-users-providers
    • org.apache.archiva.redback.users.User must be implemented
    • org.apache.archiva.redback.users.UserManager must be implemented
  • utility and wrapper classes can be implemented under redback-common
    • e.g. $redback/redback-common/redback-common-ldap contains the utility class org.apache.archiva.redback.common.ldap.LdapUtils, and the wrapper class org.apache.archiva.redback.common.ldap.user.LdapUser
    • other essential classes may be placed here as well, such as the org.apache.archiva.redback.common.ldap.connection.LdapConnectionFactory


Implementing OpenId (OpenId Homepage)

While OpenId may be directly integrated to the authentication point of the web application, another option is to implement the redback api.

Here is something to get started:

  • create the provider project redback-authentication-openid
    • create the authenticator class, something like OpenIdAuthenticator that implements org.apache.archiva.redback.authentication.Authenticator
  • create the provider project redback-users-openid
    • implement org.apache.archiva.redback.users.User, something like OpenIdUser
      • OpenId supports only the principal/username and password fields, so use dummy/default values for the unsupported fields (email, fullname) in this case.
    • implement org.apache.archiva.redback.users.UserManager, something like OpenIdUserManager
      • OpenId is a read-only authentication service, createUser(), updateUser(), deleteUser() may not be used
    • various utility classes may be implemented in redback-common-openid
      • OpenIdConfiguration may be used to encapsulate the following configuration properties (properties that may be specified in the file):
        • openid.config.provider.url, where this is a url to one openid provider (support to many providers may come later, specified or via discovery, depending on the organization's security policy)
      • OpenIdUtils class, may be implemented to normalize the User-Supplied Identifier to an Identifier that the OpenId Provider understands, e.g. redback username ('johndoe') to OpenId url-like identifier ('')
      • OpenIdAuthenticationException that implements org.apache.archiva.redback.authentication.AuthenticationException
      • OpenIdProviderFactory that takes the configuration from OpenIdConfiguration
      • OpenIdProvider is where the OpenIdUserManager can verify a user