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Repositories Metadata Content Storage

With version 2.0.2, Metadata repository content can also be stored in an Apache Cassandra database.

It's possible to switch implementation with configuring the system property ( with one of the id below.

There are now 3 implementations of storage:

  • File (id: file)
  • Jackarabbit (default one) (id: jcr)
  • Cassandra (id: cassandra)


Prior to version 1.4-M1, repository content is now stored in a jcr repository (based on Apache Jackrabbit implementation).

A default Jackrabbit configuration is provided :

Error during retrieving content skip as ignoreDownloadError activated.

You can use your own configuration by adding a file repository.xml in ${appserver.base}/conf.

By default, the Jcr repository is stored ${appserver.base}/data/jcr.

If you want to change this default location, you must edit the file WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml, uncomment/edit lines and change with your values:

<bean id="jcr-config" class="org.apache.archiva.metadata.repository.jcr.ArchivaJcrRepositoryConfig" factory-method="create">
  <constructor-arg value="${appserver.base}/conf/repository.xml"/>
  <constructor-arg value="${appserver.base}/data/jcr"/>


With the distribution including the embeded Jetty, you can configure Cassandra runtime in the file conf/

The default content:

If you deploy in a Web Application container, you can configure a path to this configuration file using the system property: -Darchiva.cassandra.configuration.file=