Welcome to Modello JPOX Plugin

The Modello JPOX Plugin is responsibile for providing various modello model transformations useful for the JPOX/JDO developer.

  • jpox-jdo-mapping: Produces a package.jdo file describing the model.
  • jpox-store: Produces a java source file that provides a basic DAO / Store for the objects within the model.
  • jpox-metadata-class: Produces a java source file that can supply the basic model version object suitable for tracking the model version vs table schema version.

We welcome developers to the modello community who are interested in contributing. If you'd like to discuss modello, subscribe and post to the development mailing list, dev@modello.codehaus.org.

If you'd like to obtain the code, you can get it from Subversion. See SCM details for more information.

Bugs, issues and new ideas should be reported in the issue tracker - see this page.